*NEW* Plain Jane - Cocoa butter hand cream


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Working in a food environment, we do a lot of cleaning!  Skin care is an important part of our health, and what we use on our hands in iQ, has to be virtually good enough to eat, vegan, organic, and most critical, allergen free. Finding a moisturiser that was organic, allergen free, and scent free was a challenge, so like we did with iQ chocolate, we decided to make our own. Using our own cocoa butter, we came up with a recipe that does an amazing job of keeping our hands, healthy, soft and supple. So much so, visitors, friends, family, keep asking if they can get their hands on some to take home.  Now available online only, we hope you like it.


Plain Jane, is allergen free, made with organic cocoa butter, and other natural ingredients.  It is scent free, as we don’t want to contaminate our chocolate flavour. Very easy to stir in a few drops of your favourite essential oil, like lavender or rose, or sandalwood. For normal skin, a pea size amount of this rich, naturally soothing hand cream, goes a long way. If you have very dry skin, you may want to try more to start with, your hands will let you know how thirsty they are.